Fun at Work: Real Estate Jokes

December 9th, 2016

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As Dale Carnegie says, “People rarely SUCCEED unless they have FUN in what they are doing.” Having fun while working can lessen stress and fatigue so it is good for your health. It can create a well-balanced life and career. Here are some of the Real Estate Jokes ( that you may find entertaining and amusing:

A broker was dismayed when a brand new real estate office much like his own opened up next door and erected a huge sign which read ‘BEST AGENTS.’  main-entrance. real estate jokes. Call Sharon at 918-214-1400 or email
He was horrified when another competitor opened up on his right, and announced its arrival with an even larger sign, reading ‘LOWEST COMMISSIONS.’
The broker panicked, until he got an idea. He put the biggest sign of all over his own real estate office. It read: ‘MAIN ENTRANCE

Here’s another one:

Shoe Store
shoesTwo real estate agents decided to start a new career to sell shoe. The two real estate agents go to Africa to open up new markets.
Three days after arriving, one real estate agent said, “I’m returning on the next flight. Can’t sell shoes here. Everybody goes barefoot.”
At the same time the other real estate agent sent an email to the factory, telling “The prospects are unlimited. Nobody wears shoes here!”


“I need a raise in my commission,” the real estate agent said to his manager. “There are three other companies after me.”
“Is that so?” asked the manager. “What other companies are after you?”
“The electric company, the telephone company, and the gas company.”


An agent who was being paid by the week approached his office manager and held up his last paycheck. ‘This is two hundred dollars less than we agreed on,’ he said.

‘I know,’ the manager said. ‘But last week I overpaid you two hundred dollars, and you never complained.’
‘Well, I don’t mind an occasional mistake,’ the agent answered, ‘but when it gets to be a habit, I feel I have to call it to your attention.’

A frantic Real Estate agent calls a plumber on Thanksgiving morning, “Please you have to help, I have 20 people coming over in an hour and when I try to turn the faucet on, it makes this horrible noise and the water just dribbles out.”

When the plumber arrives, he turns the faucet and it makes a horrible noise and the water just dribplumber-at-workbles out. He turns the faucet off and bends down to look under the sink. He opens his tool box and grabs a large wrench. He hits the pipe really hard with the side of the wrench. He puts the wrench back in the tool box and tells the agent to turn the faucet on. It works perfectly. “Oh thank you! What do I owe you.”
“That will be $600.”
“What?! That’s highway robbery! I am a Real Estate agent, and I don’t make that much for five minutes!
The plumber answered, “Neither did I when I was a Real Estate agent.”

Termite Inspection

December 5th, 2016

Termite InfestationPlease call Sharon at 918-214-1400 or email She can help with referring you a professional who can do Termite Inspection.

Termite Infestation is one of the many concerns a home buyer considers before closing the deal.  Termites cause damages that prove costly and if not treated, the thought of termites silently feasting on one’s biggest investment or having thousands of winged termites (swarmer) emerging from one’s home can be emotionally trying experience.

How can you tell if the house is infested?

Termites are obscure creatures and well hidden that infestations can go undetected for years.  Termite feeding and damage can progress undetected in wood because the outer surface is usually left intact.  Oftentimes, people mistook winged termites as ants.  One can tell that it is a termite by looking at its straight antennae, uniform waist and wings of equal size while ants have elbowed antennae, constricted waists and fore-wings that are longer than the hind wings.

Here are some of the indicators or tell-tale signs that a termite inspector will check if the house has termite infestations: (Source:

  • Wood Damage
    • As termite feeds on wood, sometimes it is not detected since the outer surface does  not show any damage.  An experienced inspector will tap the the wood beam and if hears a low or flat sound that indicates the wood is hallow in the inside.
  • Wood in Your Landscape
    • Presence of wood within the vicinity of the house like wooden fence, wood mulch, firewood, deadwood, and other wooden structures.  Wood is the primary food source of termites.
  • Mud in Construction Joints
    • These are crusted dirt that sealed small gaps, holes or cracks in the sheet rock or concrete, or mud crammed into construction joints.
  • Mud Tubes
    • It’s like covered highways made of soil, wood cellulose and other particulate matter that termites use to traverse open, exposed spaces like concrete footers.
  • Evidence of Swarmers
    • During spring when the temperature is mild, air is humid and relatively still, sexually mature, winged termites called Alates fly off to create their own colony.

Confirmation of termite infestation requires the help and keen eye of an experienced termite inspector.  There are several companies that cater Termite Inspection and Treatment.  One must take time when selecting the right company or professional who will do the service.

Bartlesville: A Diverse City

November 22nd, 2016
Jacob Bartles Source:

Jacob Bartles

Bartlesville’s History

In 1873, Jacob Bartles, a Civil War veteran, saw business opportunity in Indian Territory. He married Nannie Journeycake Pratt, the daughter of the Delaware Indian Chief Charles Journeycake. They settled in the Caney River valley at Silver Lake.  In 1875, he moved north to establish a trading post on Turkey Creek.  He bought a corn grist mill from Nelson Carr and expanded it into a flour mill and eventually a general store and a home for his family.  He became a business owner in Indian Territory.  Bartles eventually added a saw mill, furniture shop, hotel, and two large farms to his holdings, which were all north of the Caney River and commonly called Bartles Town or Northside.  Thus, the name Bartlesville came about. (Source:

City of Bartlesville

Bartlesville is a city mostly in Washington County in the U.S. state of Oklahoma.  It is 47 miles (76 km) north of Tulsa and 18 miles (29 km) from Oklahoma’s northern border with Kansas.  It is the county seat of Washington County and the Caney River runs through Bartlesville.  Home to about 36,000 people – Bartlesville is a diverse city with a rich history in business and arts.

The Price Tower – the skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the only two vertically oriented structures extant in downtown Bartlesville.  Another notable structure is the Bartlesville Community Center designed by William Wesley Peters, one of Wright’s students.  It is where an annual  week-long music event is hosted – the “OK Mozart” International Festival – in June.  It begun in 1985,  the festival features performances of classical , jazz, light opera and more; organized around the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.   Frank Phillip’s ranch and retreat located about 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Bartlesville named Woolaroc.  It is a museum that exhibits Phillips’ extensive Native American, western, and fine art collections. Featured is the private collections of Colt firearms.  It is one of the most complete collection in the world (Source:,_Oklahoma)

Public School District such as the Bartlesville Public Schools offer general and advanced education to students from pre-K through 12th grade and for older students, the Oklahoma Wesleyan University and Rogers State University.

Bartlesville is a great place to live, work and play, catering to families of all sizes and structures.  Let us know if you need to relocate to Bartlesville and sell your house or buy a home.



Bartlesville Celebrating Veterans Day

November 3rd, 2016

Veterans Day


Honoring Military Veterans, those who served in the United States Armed Forces, shows our respect and appreciation for their willingness to give their lives and serve for the sake of our country.  Veterans Day is an official United States public holiday which is observed annually on November 11.

You are invited to attend the Bartlesville Veterans Day Parade to show your support for our Veterans on Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm on Frank Phillips Blvd, Bartlesville, OK 74003.

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Importance of Home Warranty

September 20th, 2016


What is Home Warranty?

HOME WARRANTY is a service contract or agreement that covers the costly repairs and replacements of many major home appliances and / or home system components that typically breakdown over time due to normal wear and tear, usually for a period of one year.

How does home warranty works?  In general, most home warranties are similar.  You may need to check and read your warranty guidelines and what it covers.  Highlight the things that are unclear and have a representative explain it for you.

  • If a home system or appliance breaks down or stops working, review your home warranty coverage.
  • Contact your home warranty company for service repair or replacement.
  • The home warranty company will call a service provider and settle an arrangement.
  • Service provider will contact you for a schedule or service appointment.
  • Service provider will fix the system trouble and in case an appliance or system is malfunctioning and requires replacement, depending on your contract coverage, your home warranty company will cover the cost of replacement and installation.
  • You will pay a small trade service fee (usually less than $100).


General Coverage : (Oklahoma)

Depending on the plan of your choice and the Home Warranty company, here are the general coverage:

  • Unknown Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Unknown Insufficient Maintenance
  • Heating System/Furnace
  • Air Conditioning System/Cooler
  • Duct-work
  • Plumbing System
  • Stoppages/Clogs
  • Permanent Sump Pump
  • Water Heater including Tankless
  • Instant Hot Water Dispenser
  • Whirlpool Bath Tub
  • Electrical System
  • Ceiling Fans and Exhaust Fans
  • Door Bells, Burglar & Fire Alarm Systems
  • Central Vacuum
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Built-in Microwave
  • Range/Oven/Cooktop
  • Trash Compactor
  • Garage Door System
  • Kitchen Refrigerator w/ Ice Maker

Home Safety and Security Tips:

September 1st, 2016

Make Your Family Safe

home security tips,safety and security,home safety,home safety tips,safety at home


Family Safety is one of the priorities of every household – especially in our home.   Here are some of residential home safety and security tips that can help protect against threats like burglary, intrusion, fire and other household accidents.  They are as follows:

  • Ensure all exterior doors have good proper locks like 1-inch deadbolt locks.  Use inside keyed locks where there is glass near the locks that could be broken and have access to lock.  Burglar-proof your glass patio doors by setting up a pipe or metal bar in the middle bottom rack of the door slide.  Use same length pipe like the track.
  • Install door jammers as a simple yet effective security solution from unwanted entry.  There are varieties of designs ranging from bars to small portable devices that functions as powerful doorstops.
  • Keep your garage doors closed at all times.  Ensure no one can gain entry using the door leading directly into your house.
  • Use caution in leaving spare keys outside your home.  Avoid leaving extra keys under doormats, potted plants or any other obvious places where burglars can generally find them.  Store extra keys with family members or trusted neighbor.

Beware of Dogs, Home Security

  • No alarm system yet, no worries.  Use a decal or other visual deterrent signs like “Beware of Dog” or “Security Cameras in Use” or “Warning: Protected by an Electronic Security System” placed on your front door.
  • Have your car keys next to your bed while you sleep.  If you heard suspicious noise or suspected burglary, press the panic button to raise alarm.
  • Rosebuds and bougainvillea beneath ground-floor windows not only add beauty to your home but can be a deterrent to break-ins.
  • Avoid leaving notes on the door for service people or family members when you’re not at home.  If you’re on extended trips or you will be out of town, have a neighbor pick up leaflets or flyers stuck on your door on a daily basis.  Unpicked leaflets or flyers for days are sure indication that no one is at home.
  • Mail slot on a wooden door weakens the horizontal integrity of the door and makes it easier to kick in.  Install the mail slot near the bottom of the front door, not higher than a quarter of the way up.  If possible, install a locked mailbox at your home.
  • Never placed outgoing mails containing personal information in an unsecured mailbox.
  • Adjust volume of the telephone and answering machines to its lowest volume setting so that burglars can’t hear unanswered calls that can indicate no one is at home.
  • Quickly load up your car in the morning before you leave for a weekend getaway, rather than having a fully packed car left overnight in front of the house which is a tell-tale sign for burglars.
  • Post pictures of your vacation in your social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook after you return home.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors (testers) on every level of your home.
  • Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for dust and lint build up that can hinder sensors.  Have them check monthly to ensure they are still working.  Change the batteries twice each year.  Replace alarms older than 10 years.
  • Make sure your street address is clear and visibly posted for emergency rescue or fire fighters on the event of an emergency.

These simple and practical residential home safety and security tips are easy to follow.  It gives you a sense of security and peace of mind.

Thinking of buying a home? The time is now.

June 4th, 2014

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Home sales are on track to RISE by 7% this year as recovery continues.


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